Holiday adventure

20 October, 2014 POSTED IN Other

October 1 I have been away, for a make over. My buttons shine, my face tingles and my pole smells of beeswax. I’m wearing a nut brown dress with soft orange cardigan and raindrop beads. The Director gave me Nigel’s bag; it looks very smart although there is nothing in it. My hat got brushed […]

Feelings change

26 September, 2014 POSTED IN Other

  September 24 Afternoon  Tonight there is to be a harvest moon and pumpkin celebration. I don’t want to celebrate. Duffus came at lunchtime, placed hem high lamps along the central pathway, forked a bonfire pile, then left without speaking to me; I think he knows the Director is going away as well. Paul came […]

I did the right thing – but what will happen to me?

24 September, 2014 POSTED IN Other

  September 19 Splinter streaks of light burst through the sky, wind punched out branches, leaves hurtled round my pole, the sky poured rain. My hat is seriously wet, my dress has stretched, my button eyes need drying but I don’t care; what does the Director mean, ‘do’ with me? September 20 Is she thinking […]

The Director is back!

20 September, 2014 POSTED IN Other

  September 16 I have not needed my rain-hat for two weeks! This is on account of the sun – it keeps shining. Mabel and Susan called in this morning. They were on their way to the cemetery and wanted to take leeks for Jim and sunflowers for Mabel’s Mother. Mabel said it was a […]

Weather news

19 September, 2014 POSTED IN Other

September 15 Blustery news: Duffus has been elected as chairman of the Appleton Allotment Association. Wet news: Gary has been elected letting and publicity officer. Sunny news: Susan is to be secretary. Fog news: The Director is stepping down as treasurer and Mr S is to take over.  

More clues?

17 September, 2014 POSTED IN Other

September 14 They came today, Gary in clean Wellington boots that matched his green trousers, Paul wearing jeans fit for a male scarecrow. I went on mystery alert. ‘Right’ said Gary, ‘you dig out that lot and I’ll harvest some of the Jack–be littles. ‘How come I get the digging?’ ‘I’m only looking the part, […]

Pumpkin guarding

15 September, 2014 POSTED IN Other

September 12 Duffus called by. He was wearing a blue boiler suit splattered with white. He fed his pumpkins with brown liquid from a red bottle. ‘You’ll be champions yet’ he told them. He came and studied the ones on our plot. ‘Nae  bad’ he said, ‘pity she’s not here to feed them.’ I thought […]

Can I be a celebrity?

11 September, 2014 POSTED IN Other

September 9 Duffus came at lunchtime. I was flapping and Susan was trimming the sage. ‘That’s what I like to see,’ he said, ‘women working.’ We both stopped. He was wearing a tartan hat with a crisp peak and a white pom-pom; I do not think Duffus has the face for hats. ‘Nice hat’ said […]

Mabel, mystery and a star hat

09 September, 2014 POSTED IN Other

September 5 Mabel is back! Lucy was sitting by my pole as she parked the tayberry and came to sit on the three legged stool. Lucy jumped onto her lap and purred. ‘Isn’t this nice,’ beamed Mabel. I beamed back. ‘I had such a lovely time, so restful and peaceful.’ She was wearing a jaunty […]

Missing Mabel

06 September, 2014 POSTED IN Other

September 1 Still no-one has come. The raspberries are as fat as bumble bees and will soon fall off. The pumpkins are also getting fatter. The convent bell got stuck at 3 ‘o’ clock and kept repeating itself until four. I think Mabel’s memory is like the bell – sometimes it gets stuck. I hope […]


01 September, 2014 POSTED IN Other

  August 28 I am wearing a red dahlia in my hat. Mabel put it there as she broke the news. ‘Such a lucky thing dear. I was packing my bags, thinking of Mother and Jim, and then I remembered, just like that.’ My hat lowered itself. ‘All the pictures were in the old chest, […]

The problem with clues

28 August, 2014 POSTED IN Other

August 23   Today I have been gathering clues; it is like trying to weed with your eyes closed.   Gary paced towards me, speaking loudly into a pea coloured phone. ‘OK, OK, Simms, I hear you. Just tell the Ed that publishing Bella’s secret would really soar our circulation, hit our competitors; I just […]

Mabel didn’t hear my flaps

24 August, 2014 POSTED IN Other

  August 21 It could have been nasty. The wind was cuffing the bean poles, sunbeams were rioting with clouds and the ribbons on Mabel’s hat were getting in a tangle. My dress flapped madly, Crow’s feathers were ruffled and Mabel held on to the tayberry. ‘Goodness,’ she said, ‘what a gusty wind.’ I could […]

Summer show suspense

24 August, 2014 POSTED IN Other

August 21 They came as the sunbeams were busy melting the dew. Duffus picked twelve raspberries and laid them carefully on tissue paper inside a white bowl. Susan picked fourteen from our plot and laid them inside a blue box.  I observed Mabel pick a very large marrow and three straight carrots all of which […]

Gary’s up to something

20 August, 2014 POSTED IN Other

August 17 They went straight to Mabel’s plot ‘Right’ said Gary, ‘this is the old bat’s plot.’ Mabel is not an old bat. ‘Looks a bit ramshackle’ said Paul. ‘She might remember you but you can’t tell with Mabel. Sometimes her memory’s as clear as that dammed convent bell, but when it comes to those […]

Moon Flaps

18 August, 2014 POSTED IN Other

  August 13 It was early this evening, the sun shrinking, the moon plumping, when it happened.  It’s only a small thing but it could become very big: Paul gave Mabel his contact details: ‘I’ve set up in business, ‘Discreet plumbing’ Gary’s one of my investors. Only working for the famous but if you get […]

Sunshine, rain and Scottish Dancing

13 August, 2014 POSTED IN Other

  August 11 My afternoon has been like the weather, sunshine and showers. It started brightly -the Director appeared; she had not been tempted to Cowes. ‘I’ve come to take some photographs of you Alice, for your admirer Nigel.’ How many admirers do you need to become a celebrity? She picked three sweet-peas and tucked […]

Mabel’s Mystery

10 August, 2014 POSTED IN Other

  August 8 Today I have become involved in Mabel’s mystery. It began with her sitting on the three legged stool, drinking tea from a green flask. ‘I’ve been walking dear. At my age one has to keep exercising to keep everything working.’ Is flapping exercise? ‘Only sometimes dear, the paths don’t seem to go […]

Would I make a good nun?

08 August, 2014 POSTED IN Other

August 7  This evening I nearly became a novice nun. I was observing the two nuns walking along, their headscarves arguing with the breeze, when they saw me and stopped. ‘What do you think Sister Claire, would she keep those dratted pigeons off the cabbages?’ I gave a small flap; I wouldn’t be able to […]

It’s not the Director’s fault

07 August, 2014 POSTED IN Other

August 6 My hat feels lighter. It’s not the Director’s fault if Gary is a tempter.